A lot of pop music news this week as the Billboard Music Awards honored the biggest names in the music industry.

There’s nothing like a summer breeze to make you feel good - and cruising down route 1 with your windows down and cracking Q 96.1.

knowing what the stars are up to adds to the experience and we put it all together for you in the Q96.1 Music News: Week in Review.

What a night at the Billboard Music Awards 2021 show. So many of our favorite stars won big and the musical performances were over the top good. We have all the winners on the list with all the nominees in each category.

Taylor Swift reigns as the biggest music artist in the world. She didn’t take home the top Billboard Music Awards trophy, but she is still on top to stay.

Ariana Granda got married and surprised a lot of people. It happened really fast and we wish her the best. She posted some great photos of the ceremonies at her home.

Kelly Clarkson is one of the hardest working people in the entertainment industry. She has her own syndicated talk show and is featured as a judge on the hit show ‘The Voice.’ Now she’s taking over the time slot Ellen held for so many years. We’ve got the update here in Q96.1 Music News: week in Review.

“Charlie Bit My Finger” is not necessarily pop music but it’s in our pop culture in a big way. The video recently sold for over a quarter of a million dollars as an NFT or a non-fungible token.

What a hit Olivia Rodrigo had playing on Q 96.1 right now. ‘Driver’s License” puts her right on the map. Her mom was not exactly on board with the song and had some reservations about it.

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