The Presque Isle Rotary Club held its 100th Anniversary Proclamation event in front of City Hall on Monday and announced a major fundraising endeavor: the construction of an amphitheater at Riverside Park for cultural and musical events.

The Presque Isle Rotary Amphitheater would be built at the edge of the grassy field across from the Sargent Family Community Center. The 45 x 30’ concrete structure, to be designed by B.R. Smith Associates, will face the Riverside playground and splash pad.

The stage will be 30” above the ground with stair access along the front and ramp access along the side, according to Monday’s announcement.  The stage will be illuminated with LED lighting for evening performances with adequate electricity for the variety of shows.

The stage will open onto grassy, level ground which will provide ample seating for community gatherings. It will be adjacent to a small parking lot that could easily be designated to allow handicap accessible parking and access to events, said Mandy Pooler of B.R.S.A.

The $400,000 project, to be funded through donations and grants, will provide “the perfect home for so many existing and new projects,” said Jordyn Madore, co-chair of the Presque Isle Rotary Amphitheater Project.

“This new building can be used to hold events like the Summer Concert Series, theater productions, movie nights, award ceremonies and countless other initiatives. We are hopeful this project will continue the positive momentum already happening in the community, promoting growth and attracting new businesses and people from outside the region,” according to the Presque Isle Rotary.

You can find more information about the project and how to donate on the Rotary Club’s website.

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