No matter what the sport, function, or project, it's refreshing when our kids in the County accomplish great things. Destination Imagination has qualified for Global Finals this year!

Valerie Black, Destination Imagination Team Manager said,

"My two Destination Imagination teams from Presque Isle High School qualified with first place at the state of Maine level. My Engineering Team got a Renaissance Award for the design of their set. My Improv Team got Spirit of D.I. Award for the overall performance at the tournament. And now they will go to Global Finals and compete internationally."

Valerie Black, MSAD1

Alaina Sperrey, a Freshman at P.I.H.S., qualified in the Engineering Challenge category explains what helped her to win.

"We had to make a structure to hold the most amount of weight we could and then we had to incorporate a skit to go along with it that represented the weight being dropped. We also had to make a set to go behind us."

Valerie Black, MSAD1

Sarah Craig, a Senior at P.I.H.S., qualified in the Improv Challenge category and explains what that entails.

"The Improv Challenge has a lot of different elements this year. It involves a lot of research, which is kind of not normal in improv. And also random elements that are thrown in there. So, we had to research different cultures and different explorers and when we go there they would pick and act upon that. They would throw in what is called 'setbacks',(which is in concert with improv), and we would have to incorporate that."

Valerie Black, MSAD1

According to Black, their next stop is in Knoxville, Tennessee, at the University of Tennessee in May. There they will compete against other schools and students across the nation and around the world.

As of now, the team has raised $15,000, but with two teams qualifying, they still need $9,000 to go.

If you would like to help these folks make the trip, they are conducting a fundraiser which you can donate to the cause here.

We wish these students from Presque Isle High School the best as they make their way to the Global Finals in May!