Have you ever wondered why certain roads are posted in the Spring? Or how is it decided which roads with potholes get fixed first?

Preserving Maine's Roads 2, MDOT YouTube
Preserving Maine's Roads 2, MDOT YouTube

Let's be honest...we all do our fair share of complaining about Maine's roads without really knowing what goes on, when we're not looking, to try to make things better.

But the Maine DOT is trying to change that a little, by offering up a bit of knowledge and perspective on the matter.

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They have put together a handy little video that gives us all a peek, behind the scenes, at how state and municipal officials determine which roads are at risk, and which get attention in this handy video.

According to their Facebook Page:

Preserving Maine's Roads 1, MDOT YouTube
Preserving Maine's Roads 1, MDOT YouTube

"Each spring, MaineDOT evaluates potential damage to state and state-aid highways and determines whether weight restrictions should be imposed to prevent damage due to freeze/thaw action. Many municipalities undertake similar evaluations and restrictions on local road systems. This video highlights the details of that process. It is aimed at municipalities, but the general public may find the information enlightening."

In the video, you'll learn all about how roads get damaged, how potholes form, and how heavy trucks can impact the roads.

They also dive into some of the legal nuances of what happens when you drive on a posted road.

It's a pretty interesting watch, and if you've got kids or grandkids, it could even be a bit of a lesson in science and how local government works.

And since we're on the subject of potholes and roads, here's one for you:

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