The Rusty Crab in Mars Hill has become a popular local take-out restaurant during the summer over the past couple of years. Sometime in the early hours of Monday morning the shack located on route 1 in Mars Hill caught fire and suffered extensive damage. There were no injuries reported from the fire.

Rusty Crab

Can we give these guys a break? 

It has been a season of ups and downs for the Johnston family who own and operate The Rusty Crab. In the spring when packing the vehicle to head into the restaurant, their vehicle was stolen from their lawn and was damaged by the violator. The Johnston family dealt with the situation and moved forward serving their customers. 

Rusty Crab

What's next? 

The Rusty Crab has seen immediate support coming in to help the restaurant get back up and going. A GoFundMe was set up and two restaurants that we know of, have set up a donations jar. On Friday July 2, the Minnie Winnies will be set up at the site of Rusty Crab from 4-8. All sales and proceeds from that time will go to the Johnston family. Menu 55 has been accepting donation as well. The hope is that the Johnston's can find a similar shack so they can continue to serve customers while they prepare for their next phase as restaurant owners. 

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Rusty Crab

As you can see there is a lot of good in our area. Individuals and businesses have stepped up to help support one of their own. There is more good news because The Rusty Crab is in the process of getting a brick-and-mortar setting.  The planning of this dream for Johnston has been going on for a long time now and is closer than ever. He had recently announced that the wheels are in motion for a new location. We hope that the fire is just a small setback for a big comeback. 

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