This April, veterinarians will vote on whether or not they should ban the practice of cat declawing. Some are saying that the practice is controversial and should be stopped.

Onychectomies, or the practice of declawing cats, has been around for decades.

There are times when it is medically necessary to perform an onychectomy on a cat for various medical reasons. The cat may have a tumor in their paw or unrepairable damage to a cats paw could constitute the procedure.

However, many people have their cats declawed in order to keep them from tearing up their furniture, cabinets, and doors in their home.

Is It Really Harmful To Cats?

Put it this way, if humans had an onychectomy done to them, it would entail the removing their finger and stopping at the last knuckle. Sounds pretty painful, doesn't it?

Another procedure that some people have had performed on their cats is called a tendonectomy. In this case, the cat gets to keep their claws but has no extension control over them.

In New Brunswick, veterinarians are scheduled to vote on whether or not the practice should continue.

We want to get your take on it.

Take a moment and tell us if you think the practice of 'declawing' cats should be outlawed, or if it's not a big deal and should be ok for vets to continue the practice.



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