The wife and business partner of the drummer and co-founder of the jam band Phish are opening a general store in Maine. 


Jon Fishman's wife, Briar, and his business partner Ladleah Dunn hope to reopen a long-vacant store in the coastal Maine town of Lincolnville in March.

Dunn says the store at 269 Main Street in Lincolnville will be an outgrowth of the family's Elderflower Farm and will sell general merchandise and have tables for dining.

Elderflower Farm/Facebook

Dunn, a town selectwoman and farm owner, will serve as general manager of what was known as the Linconville Center General Store.

The Fishmans moved to Maine a few years after the third of three huge Phish Festivals held at the Loring Commerce Center in Limestone.

They bought the store in 2011, then sold it,  and recently bought it again. The Fishmans also own and operate Elderflower Farm, an organic farm and store in Lincolnville.

The Fishmans have five children and have lived in Lincolnville for the past decade. The store will work with local growers and businesses, selling organic foods as well as products made on-site.

Phish turned the giant runway at the former Loring Air Force Base in Aroostook County into a small city three times as nearly 200,000 total fans flocked to The Great Went in 1997, Lemonwheel in 1998, and It in 2003.