The Right People to Restore the IT Men

To say the right people are restoring the IT Men is an understatement. Not only are the best carpenters in Maine doing the work, but they are also Phish fans to the max.

Ryan and Ashley from Maine Cabin Masters are taking the lead to bring the IT Men back to life. Who are the IT Men? Glad you asked. They are the figures that everyone saw at the gates to the massive Phish shows in Limestone back in 2003.

New Facebook page to Follow the Restoration

There's a brand new Facebook page to chronicle the work. It's called Restoration of the "IT Men". The page is so new, you can scroll right to the beginning. But that’s going to change as updates and work continues.

Get ready to have some fun as you follow the progress. These guys are good at what they do and have a great sense of humor. I hope this makes it on their TV show.

History of the IT Men

It was 2003 in Limestone when the Phish shows filled the former Loring Air Force Base with over 60,000 fans. The IT Men were there and so was Ryan from Maine Cabin Masters. You know he’s a fan with all the Dead shirts he wears on TV. Plus, the crew redid the cabin for John Fishman, the drummer form Phish.

If you were at the concerts, you would’ve seen the 20 foot tall IT Men standing tall at the front gates. They are in the shape of air traffic controls as a call back to when Loring was an airbase with all the big planes.

A Trip to Presque Isle

After the shows, the IT Men were on display at the University of Maine at Presque Isle as an outdoor art installation. Maybe you saw them and could see they needed some help.

In come Ryan and Ashley. They came to Presque Isle to get the IT Men at UMPI. We should’ve had a parade when these are major TV stars came to town.

The Future of the IT Men

The IT Man Rescue Crew will return the artwork to its previous glory. They even have a new Facebook page to document the process.

Once the IT Men are fully restored, they will be on display at The Woodshed in Manchester, Maine.

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