You would never guess, but those Maine Cabin Masters are at it again.

The nationally popular Maine cabin building crew continue to amaze with their design and craftsmanship. One of their latest episodes is a perfect example of this.

In Season 7, Episode 714, the Cabin Masters met the Barnett Family. The Barnett family had some new land on Sebec Lake, as well as a cruddy-looking old storage container. That's right. Not a cabin. A regular old storage container.

Well, this made no difference to the Masters of Cabins, because they went up there and built a modern masterpiece.

This stunning "cabin" is an absolute gem. They managed to fit a bedroom, living room, bathroom, even a kitchen into this container. And not only that, they made it sleek and very comfortable-looking.

The outdoor add-ons are just the right touch, too. The rooftop deck is very hip, and who doesn't love the throwback spiral staircase? However, my favorite additions may be the beautiful wooden ends of the container cabin. It's craftsmanship at its finest.

What makes this cabin even more unique is the economic and environmental impact it must have. I can't imagine how much money was saved on materials. Meanwhile, this is the ultimate in reusing of product. It reminds me of the storage container pools that are now on the market.

This truly is a masterpiece by the Maine Cabin Masters, who continue to make this state proud. To see more about this episode, including a super cool 3D virtual view of the cabin, click here.

You can catch Maine Cabin Masters on the the recently rebranded Magnolia Network.

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