No matter where you live, there will probably be people who will say there just isn't enough work where they live. Some have said that about the County.

Recently, we conducted an unscientific poll about whether the problem in the County is not enough work or not enough workers.

Some of the responses were very interesting. Some said there was enough work, but not enough jobs that pay a living wage in the County.

Others said that they thought there was enough work, but not enough good workers to fill those positions.

About 55-percent of those polled agreed that there wasn't enough work, while about 33-percent said there weren't enough workers. About 5-percent said they didn't know what the problem is.

For the record, as of August of this year (2017), the unemployment rate in the County is at 4.4-percent whereas it was 5.9-percent in April of the same year.



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