A fire at a two-story home in downtown Van Buren in the early hours Friday has temporarily displaced one resident.

The Van Buren Fire Department responded to the blaze at 103 Notre Dame Street just after midnight. The neighboring Grand Isle Fire Department was called in to assist.

As soon as firefighters arrived, one crew attacked the flames from the second-story window while another team worked from the inside, and quickly knocked the fire down, according to Van Buren Fire Chief Brian Caron. Fire crews were on the scene for about two hours Friday morning.

The house sustained substantial fire damage to the second floor and there was heavy water damage to the first floor, Caron said. Officials believe an electric space heater on the second floor that was placed too close to combustible materials sparked the blaze.

The occupant made it out of the house safely and was evaluated by Van Buren Ambulance personnel and released, according to Chief Caron. The local chapter of the American Red Cross is helping with their immediate needs including temporary shelter.

The Fire chief urged people to be extra careful with electric space heaters and to make sure everyone has working smoke/fire alarms in their homes.

Van Buren Water Dept. was on hand to help at the scene Friday and Van Buren Light & Power was called in to disconnect power.

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