While dropping my kids off at daycare in Washburn this morning I noticed the odds and ends of a new playground under construction.

Washburn Mill Pond Park
Josh Archer - TSM

After a quick call to the Washburn town office, they forwarded me on to Mr. Mike Umphrey; who's part of the Washburn Town Council. I spoke with him for a bit and he let me know that there are big plans for the Washburn Mill Pond Park throughout the coming summer.

Umphrey mentioned the entire project involves the Washburn Rotary, Washburn Rec. Department, Washburn High School's shop class and the Maine DEP. The agenda covers not just a playground, but also potential work done to the dam near the park and a picnic area with a canopy over by the basketball court.

He said this is a memorial project and has been in the planning stages for 2-3 years. Fundraising came from the sale of the 'Washburn Historical Book', written by Londa Brown and Louise Cole; copies can be purchased at the Washburn Town Office.

Umphrey hopes the turn out for the park will be similar to what Presque Isle offers with their River Side Park.

The construction of the playground is projected to be completed by the end of this month with the rest of the plans to be worked on throughout the summer.

There might even be ice skating at the Washburn Mill Pond Park this winter.

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