The organization Maine Access Points (MAP), announced on Facebook an overdose alert for Caribou after they received reports of multiple overdoses in recent days. MAP is encouraging people to reach out to them either through their page, or call them at 207-518-8424. There have been numerous reports in recent weeks that the lethal drug fentanyl has become more mainstream since the onset of the pandemic and lockdowns.

On the same day the alert was issued for Caribou, the organization issued similar alerts for Penobscot and Washington County. Maine's new text service SPIKE, issued an alert to Penobscot County residents that there had been a recent increase in overdose reports this week.  

Maine Access Points is a group that offers individuals access to naloxone through pick up, in-person delivery, and by mail. The Maine Access Points website says the one of the goals of the organization is to reduce overdose deaths by making naloxone available to everyone in Maine. MAP is a harm reduction organization and offers a variety of ways for people to reach out to them if they feel they need help, or someone to speak to.  

The drug abuse and addiction issue has become more complex as we continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic. In June, the Attorney General's Office reported 60 overdose deaths in Maine. That was a record for the state, and through that point the state had been averaging over 50 overdose deaths per month. The state set a record in 2020 when 504 people died from overdoses and this year Maine is on track to exceed that number.  

There are many services you can reach out to if you would like help. Call or text the number at the top of the story. Let's have a safe weekend!

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