Swipe right on this one: On the title track off MONOGEM's sophomore EP, "100%," Los Angeles singer-songwriter Jen Hirsh waxes lyrical about the push and pull that comes with really getting to know someone.

With flourishes of brooding '80s analog synth-rock (courtesy of a handful of expertly placed electric guitar chords) and early '90s soul à la Sade's Love Deluxe, "100%" is an icy blast of emotion in ambient electro-pop form. "You want to hold me, but do you know me 100%?" the singer-songwriter asks her (potential?) lover, her voice punctuating the flurry of electronics like neon green lasers shooting through the dark recesses of a night club.

Co-written and produced by Neara Russell (songwriter/producer, keyboardist for BØRNS, Betty Who, Troye Sivan), the song sounds like the hazy emissions of a fog machine pouring slowly over the slick tiles of a dance floor, all mysterious and atmospheric... Kind of like what love feels like.

"This marked the first time I'd ever worked with just another woman in the room which was incredibly inspiring and natural," Hirsh says of her and Russell's collaboration. "Two women in the studio can be very therapeutic; it's honest and real, all guards are down and there is an overwhelming sense of freedom."

Free yourself and listen below:

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