A Mexican man is set to serve 81-days in Maine, for entering the United States after being deported. The announcement was made on Tuesday of this week.

According to the record, 37-year-old Fausto Rivera-Rivera, a Mexican citizen, was sentenced by Chief Judge Nancy Torreson on Tuesday after it was found that Rivera had unlawfully entered the United States.

Rivera was ordered to be removed to Mexico in 2013 and complied.

Rivera failed to apply for permission to reenter the U.S. on April 27, 2018, and he was arrested in Clinton, Maine after a police officer stopped the vehicle he was riding in as a passenger.

Rivera admitted to law enforcement that he reentered into the United States, through Arizona in 2015, without being inspected and without legal authority.

He was sentenced to serve 81 days before he will be deported again.









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