The increase in pet adoptions since the start of the pandemic has opened up new opportunities right here in Aroostook County for kennels, trainers, and groomers. With an increase in adoptions, there has been an increase in questions about training and grooming for the new fury friends. Does my pet need grooming? How often should I get my pet groomed? Are there any recommendations for a good groomer in the area? I see these questions on various pages on social media each week and the answers all depend on your pet, it's needs, and your capabilities. 

Our family was blessed to add to our home last fall when we took in our first puppy together. After months of research, we settled on a Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix) and we couldn't be happier. This is our sweet girl and her name is Harvi. There is much more on the name, but that's for another time. 


When Harvi arrived in our home last October we knew that she would need some upkeep throughout time because she does have very curly hair, especially around her neck and underbelly areas. This spring, we were not able to keep up with her brushing for one week and some spots of her became matted. Fortunately, she was due for a visit to the groomer days later. We dropped Harvi off and when we returned to pick her up all the problems were solved and Harvi was feeling great! 

The tail and nearby area need a lot of TLC. It's best to let a professional take care of the area.
The tail and nearby area need a lot of TLC. It's best to let a professional take care of the area.
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There are several reasons for regular grooming other than keeping the pet looking good and smelling clean. In our situation, Rylee was able to get Harvi's hair growth back on track with a professional look and care. A consistent grooming schedule gives your pet the self-confidence to do what it does best, love you. When Harvi gets back from a groomer visit, she can be seen jaunting with her head high and her tail wagging with swag. Harvi gets excited and is willing to leave the house when we tell her she is going for a "spa" day with her friends.  

Harvi is feeling good after visiting the groomer!
Harvi is feeling good after visiting the groomer! JC/TSM

The magic formula for your pet is a conversation with your groomer. I recommend you research your pet's history first and go from there. I also suggest you give your pet at least 3 groomer visits before you decide if you will continue with professional grooming or not. Lastly, make sure to tip your groomer. They may have a job they love, but they are still providing you with a service.

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