Truly one of pop's most underrated gems, Marina and the Diamonds has yet to hit a sour note in her career. With her arresting visuals, clever lyrics and smart pop songs, she's an obvious standout among her contemporaries, impossible to replicate.

As with most artists -- the good ones, anyway -- Marina has managed to hone her immense skillset over time, and nowhere is it clearer than in her live performances. Not only does she command the stage like a seasoned pro (and at this point, no one could claim otherwise), but her vocals -- rich and unique -- have truly flourished over time.

Need proof? Look no further than the above compilation. From the quirky beginning stages of Marina's impressive career ("Mowgli's Road" will forever be one of the more interesting cuts in her arsenal) to her continued foray into the increasingly eclectic (that sequined blue jumpsuit from her Froot Tour immediately comes to mind), the "I'm A Ruin" singer has yet to disappoint, especially during a live show.

Check out the video above and let us know if we missed any crucial live performances from Marina and the Diamonds that best display her vocal talents.

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