A man carrying a knife was shot Friday afternoon during a confrontation between himself and a food truck owner in Sanford.

Man with Knife Shot

The Sanford Police Department said they responded to the report at 3:52 pm at the intersection of Main Street and Lebanon Street.

Yelling at Vehicles in the Roadway

Witnesses told police the man “was in the intersection, in and out of the roadway yelling at vehicles and carrying a knife.”

Police said “male with the knife was shot”

Sanford PD said “there was a confrontation with the owner of the truck and the male with the knife. The male with the knife was shot.” Names and ages were not released.

Man Shot in Serious Condition

The man shot is in serious condition at Maine Medical Center. “The shooter is cooperating with Detectives as they gather evidence and conduct interviews,” said officials.

Investigation Remains Open

Police said there is no risk to the public. The investigation is ongoing.

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