One man died on I-295 Thursday after witnesses saw him with blood on his face and trying to flag down traffic in Freeport.

Man with Blood on his Face Died on I-295 in Maine

The Maine State Police said the man was suffering from a medical event around 4:15 pm. His name and age were not released.

Life Saving Measures at the Scene

A passing motorist administered CPR as the Freeport Police Department and Fire and Rescue arrived. The man became unresponsive and did not recover. He died at the scene.

Ongoing Investigation

Major Crimes Unit South and an Evidence Response Technician were investigating the incident.

Police Spoke to Man’s Family

Police determined the man died from a medical event after gathering information and speaking to the man’s family.

Chief Medical Examiner and Autopsy

He was taken to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner in Augusta for an autopsy.

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