There were over 23,000 car crashes in Maine in 2020. If you were in one, usually there is a police report that is filed. Often, Maine motorists need to get their hands on that report. You can go to your police station or you can get the exact same report, often much quicker, with this cool website we found called All you need to do is type in the town of your accident, put in some basic info, and you'll get the police report. The site charges the same amount the police would charge you for retrieving the report.


The site is maintained by the Carfax people and it's totally legit. We got the recommendation from the heroes at the Westbrook Police Department. The police like the service because there is less red tape for them to chase with people coming in and asking for accident reports.




You can also get crash report data from the State of Maine. You can search by name, date of birth, crash location, crash date, or investigating agency (police department). Each report is 10 bucks.



As we were pouring over stats about Maine car accidents, it's interesting to note that even though the total number of car crashes was down last year, that car fatalities actually went up. Because of the pandemic, traffic was down about 30% on Maine roads. So the uptick in fatalities? Authorities think this is because people went faster on emptier roads. And because people were out of the practice of driving every day. 85% of all car accidents in Maine are without injury to anyone. Let's be careful out there!



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