We are really excited. We have a great car show that's getting put together. It's going to be unlike anything that is typical in the state of Maine. The typical car show is fantastic. You pull up to a big field or a parking lot that has all of these great hot rods and vehicles. We went a step further, because we tend to do things a bit extra. We rented out the Cross Insurance Center and not only are we filling the parking lot, but also filling the inside auditorium.    - Jodi Brasslett, Home Roofing Solutions

Wheels for Warriors

Calling all car enthusiasts and people looking for a unique and fun event to enjoy with their family. Put Wheels for Warriors presented by Home Roofing Solutions on your calendar for July 20th from 10am to 3pm.

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This show will feature classic cars and the rarest of all automobiles. Everyone involved are doing everything they can to make this an incredible day for fellow Mainers, and most importantly, raise money to support The Marino Project - an organization 100% dedicated to improving the lives of our military men and women in Maine. 

How Much Is Admission for Wheels for Warriors in Maine?

Classic cars in a row parked on asphalt parking lot
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It's all on how much you want to give! Admission to the event AND car registration is by donation ONLY! All of the information to make sure that you have a spot to showcase your ride is easily available by clicking here. 

Classic Cars
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What Is The Marino Project that this Maine Premier Car Show is Supporting?

David Marino

United States Marine David Marino gave everything he possibly could to his country and fellow Marines and servicemembers, and then kept giving, and is still fighting for them today. Marino is from Milo, Maine and The Marino Project was inspired by this exceptional American and hero and follows his lead in making sure that no Maine Military member ever walks alone. 

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