March has been labeled as "Women's History Month", among some circles. This seems to be a great time to highlight what states are women-friendly states.

Our friends at have compared all 50 states in the Union and added the District of Columbia as well and have based their findings on 23 key metrics.

We won't list all of the measurements, but we will say that the metrics span from earnings to female workers, preventive health, and homicide rates.

Here's where the Pine Tree State stands in all of this.

  1. Minnesota
  2. Massachusetts*
  3. Vermont*
  4. North Dakota
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Maine*
  7. Hawaii
  8. Connecticut*
  9. Iowa
  10. New Hampshire*

*A New England State

It's interesting to note that many New England States have made it into the Top 10 women-friendly states in America.

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Here are some facts that were found in the study.

New Hampshire showed to have had the lowest share of women living in poverty at 9.4-percent. For the record, they are 2.6 times lower than the women living in Mississippi.

Maine came in #2, just behind the District of Columbia, as having the highest number of women in America who voted in the 2016 election.

Maine came in at #5, just behind Wyoming, as having the lowest female homicide rate (per 100,000 women).

Overall, Maine ranked as the fifth best state in the nation for women's economic and social well-being.

Overall, Maine ranked as the 11th best state for women's health and safety.

This is just another hallmark as to why Maine is such a great state to live in.

Not that we've attained, and we, no doubt, have more work to do to help make this the best state for women, but I think it's safe to say that we are off to a good start.



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