Troop F of the Maine State Police responded to 107 calls for service in and around Aroostook County this past week. Here are the incidents featured in their weekly report:

Incident Type: WARRANT ARREST Date: 10/30/2018 Town: PRESQUE ISLE Trooper: TR. PESCITELLI Brief Synopsis: Tr. Pescitelli went to a residence in Presque Isle attempting to serve a warrant on a male who was wanted for arson and theft. Tr Pescitelli knocked on the door with no answer so he left and waited down the street where he could watch the residence. Further information was obtained that the male was inside the house hiding. Tr. Pescitelli called for Tr. Stoutamyer and they went in the house where they found the man hiding in an upstairs bathroom. Tr. Pescitelli arrested the man and transported him to ACJ.

Incident Type: THEFT Date: 11/01/2018 Town: PORTAGE Trooper: TR. CURTIN Brief Synopsis: Tr. Curtin took a theft report from a Portage resident. A woman reported a variety of things stolen from her residence, to include video games and an exhaust system. Suspects were developed in the case and it is ongoing.

Incident Type: OUI Date: 11/02/2018 Town: WALLAGRASS Trooper: TR. CURTIN Brief Synopsis: On 11/2/18 at approximately 1200 hours, State Police received a report of a pickup truck off the road on Strip Road in Wallagrass. Trooper Matt Curtin responded and investigated the crash. The investigation showed 81-year-old Wallace Saucier of Eagle Lake was traveling south in his 2014 Chevy pickup truck when he failed to negotiate a curve. The vehicle left the roadway and struck a tree before ultimately coming to rest in the wooded embankment. Saucier was transported to Northern Maine Medical Center in Fort Kent where he was treated for minor injuries. The pickup truck was a total loss, and was towed from the scene. Trooper Curtin was assisted by the Fort Kent Fire Department and Ambulance Service, Inc. Alcohol appears to be a factor in this crash, and the investigation is active and ongoing.

Incident Type: OAS Date: 11/02/2018 Town: MAPLETON Trooper: CPL. MICHAUD Brief Synopsis: Cpl. Michaud responded to a crash in Mapleton when a pick-up towing a trailer crashed into the back of a vehicle that had been stopped in construction. Cpl. Michaud’s investigation revealed that the operator had a suspended license and that it had been suspended for failing to provide proof of insurance. He was cited for operating after suspension as well as following too closely and not providing proof of insurance.

Incident Type: OAS Date: 11/02/2018 Town: ISLAND FALLS Trooper: CPL. QUINT Brief Synopsis: Cpl. Quint observed a car parked in an unsafe manner on the south bound exit ramp at the Island Falls exit. The male driver said he stopped to use his phone. Upon further investigation Cpl. Quint discovered the man took his girlfriend’s car while she was at work and had a suspended driver’s license. The woman refused criminal charges for the motor vehicle theft. The man was issued a criminal summons for operating after suspension.

Incident Type: OAS Date: 11/03/2018 Town: FORT KENT Trooper: TR. DESROSIER Brief Synopsis: Tr. Desrosier was driving through Fort Kent and noticed the vehicle he was following was swerving all over the roadway. Suspecting the driver may be impaired, Tr. Desrosier stopped the vehicle. It was discovered the male driver was having issues with the vehicle that were causing him to weave in his lane. Tr. Desrosier also discovered the man had a suspended driver’s license. Tr. Desrosier issued the man a summons and had the vehicle towed from the roadway.

Incident Type: ASSIST OTHER AGENCY Date: 11/03/2018 Town: LITTLETON Trooper: TR. KILCOLLINS Brief Synopsis: Tr. Kilcollins assisted the Littleton Animal Control Officer with serving two summonses to a male resident. When the ACO arrived, the man was confrontational with him and after some arguing the man went and strapped a pistol to his hip. Tr. Kilcollins arrived and controlled the situation. He assisted the ACO with serving the summons and cautioned the man on his behavior. When a computer query was conducted, it was learned the man is a felon. Upon further investigation from Tr. Kilcollins it was learned the man was carrying a compressed air BB style pistol that looked like an actual firearm. The man was spoken too regarding the replica but no charges were filed against him.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties

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