Troop F of the Maine State Police responded to 148 calls for service over the past week in and around Aroostook County. Here is the Troop’s weekly report:

Maine State Police

Incident Type: WARRANT Date: 11/20/2017 Town: WOODLAND Trooper: TR. LEVESQUE Brief Synopsis: Tr. Levesque learned that there was a man with two active arrest warrants at a residence in Woodland. Tr. Levesque arrived at the residence and was told that the man was not there. There was a man in the residence acting suspicious but stated he was not the man with the warrants. Tr. Levesque and a Game Warden waited in the roadway in front of the residence. The strange acting man came out of the residence swinging a hatchet attempting to intimidate Tr. Levesque. The man eventually came out and laid in the roadway. Tr. Levesque detained the man and learned that he was the man with the warrants. The subject was arrested without incident.

Incident Type: ACCIDENT Date: 11/21/2017 Town: NEW CANADA Trooper: TR. LEVESQUE Brief Synopsis: At approximately 1410 hours, Tr. Desrosier responded to a two vehicle crash with injuries on State Route 161 in New Canada. Alicia Fiordellisi was traveling south on Route 161. Alicia had her cat on her lap as she was driving. Alicia felt a wet spot on her pants from the cat and looked down. When Alicia looked up she had swerved into the north bound lane of traffic where a local school bus was driving north. The bus, operated by Arnold Dubois, had 58 students on board at the time of the crash. Alicia hit the school bus head on. Arnold saw the vehicle coming and tried to take evasive action but was not able to avoid Alicia’s vehicle. Arnold and some of the students had minor injuries. Alicia sustained injuries to her head and leg. The cat was killed in the crash. Alicia was transported to NMMC in Fort Kent for non-life threatening injuries. Both the bus and car were towed due to disabling damage. The investigation is still on going and charges are pending.

Incident Type: WARRANT Date: 11/21/2017 Town: LITTLETON Trooper: TR. ADAMS TR.PESCITELLI Brief Synopsis: Tr. Adams went to a residence in Littleton to attempt to locate a female that had an active warrant for her arrest. The female was located and arrested. The female was transported to the Troop F Barracks and was bailed from there. The warrant was a class E warrant for failure to appear. Tr. Adams was assisted by Tr. Pescitelli.

Incident Type: TRAIN DERAILMENT Date: 11/22/2017 Town: EASTON Trooper: TR. PESCITELLI Brief Synopsis: Tr. Pescitelli responded to a train derailment on the Station Rd. in Easton. A section of rail cars were being moved on the tracks when one of the cars derailed. As a result of the derailment, one lane of the Station Rd. was blocked by the remaining rail car. Equipment will be brought in to right the rail car and clear the tracks the following morning, Troopers were posted at the derailment overnight due to the precarious position of the derailed car and the blockage of one lane of the roadway. Only one rail car derailed and it was empty at the time.

Incident Type: CIVIL DISPUTE Date: 11/22/2017 Town: BLAINE Trooper: TR. CASAVANT Brief Synopsis: Tr. Casavant responded to a Blaine residence when a landlord and tenant were involved in a dispute of issues relating to the tenant moving out of the landlord’s property. The tenant left before Tr. Casavant arrived, however, after speaking with the landlord it was determined that no crimes had been committed and the issues were all civil in nature.

Incident Type: BURGLARY Date: 11/22/2017 Town: LINNEUS Trooper: TR. SYLVIA Brief Synopsis: Tr. Sylvia responded to a Linneus residence when a homeowner reported her home had been burglarized while she was gone. Property was stolen from the home, and the investigation is currently active and ongoing.

Incident Type: CIVIL DISPUTE Date: 11/24/2017 Town: STOCKHOLM Trooper: CPL. MICHAUD Brief Synopsis: Cpl. Michaud investigated what had initially been reported as a stolen tractor in Stockholm. As the investigation unfolded, it became apparent that the issue was civil in nature and not a crime. Two people who were business partners had a falling out and both parties felt they could have the piece of equipment. They were both advised the issue was civil and to handle it through attorneys.

Maine State Police

Incident Type: CRIMINAL MISCHIEF Date: 11/24/2017 Town: MARS HILL Trooper: TR. CASAVANT Brief Synopsis: Tr. Casavant responded to a Mars Hill residence. The homeowner had been away for an extended period of time, and returned to find that it appeared his door had been kicked in. Nothing was taken from the home, and the investigation is ongoing.

Incident Type: SUSPCIOUS INCIDENT Date: 11/24/2017 Town: BRIDGEWATER Trooper: TR. SYLVIA TR. CASAVANT Brief Synopsis: Tr.’s Sylvia and Casavant responded to a Bridgewater home when a passerby reported seeing the word “HELP” being written on a sheet in a window of the home. The Troopers discovered that there was nothing suspicious ongoing at the home. It was simply part of some Halloween decorations that had not been taken down yet.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.