Troop F of the Maine State Police responded to 138 calls for service in and around Aroostook County this past week. Here are the incidents included in their weekly report:

Incident Type: VIOLATION OF BAIL Date: 7/17/2018 Town: CHAPMAN Trooper: TR. KILCOLLINS Brief Synopsis: Tr. Kilcollins received information that a subject who was on Maine Pre-trial was not abiding by his curfew. Tr. Kilcollins responded to the man’s residence to conduct a check. Tr. Kilcollins located the man in the woods behind his residence and explained why he was there. Tr. Kilcollins conducted a urine test and the man tested positive for Methamphetamine. Tr. Kilcollins placed the man under arrest and transported him to the ACJ.

Incident Type: FRAUD Date: 7/17/2018 Town: MARS HILL Trooper: CPL. MICHAUD Brief Synopsis: Cpl. Michaud investigated a fraud / forgery complaint in Mars Hill. A woman reported that she had been contacted by a local store when two of her checks had been returned by the bank and reportedly had already been deposited. The woman had deposited her checks using her bank’s app on her phone. The phone app requires only that a picture of the check be sent in. The investigation determined that a babysitter had stolen 2 of the checks from the woman’s house and cashed them at the store without knowing that the checks had already been deposited. Cpl. Michaud is attempting to locate the woman.

Incident Type: WARRANT ARREST Date: 7/20/2018 Town: PATTEN Trooper: TR. ADAMS Brief Synopsis: Tr. Adams was on patrol in Patten when he observed a male who he knew had outstanding warrants. A brief foot pursuit ensued and the 33-year-old Patten man was taken into custody without incident. He was transported to the ACJ on 4 outstanding warrants.

Incident Type: OUI Date: 7/20/2018 Town: ST. AGATHA Trooper: TR. CURTIN Brief Synopsis: Tr. Curtin arrested a St. Agatha man for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol. The man had been driving erratically both on and off road in the Main Street area of St. Agatha. The man attempted to shut off his lights and make it back into his residence, however, Tr. Curtin intervened him before he made it back inside and arrested him for OUI.

Incident Type: ACCIDENT - SERIOUS INJURY Date: 7/21/2018 Town: T7 R5 (ROUTE 11) Trooper: TR. SAUCIER, TR. SYLVIA, SGT. HAINES Brief Synopsis: On 7/21/2018 at approximately 11:06 hours State Police received a report of a car moose crash on Route 11 in T7 R5 just north of Knowles Corner. Tr. Saucier responded and investigated the crash along with the assistance of Tr. Sylvia and Sgt. Haines. The investigation showed 48-year old Michael Boulier of Houlton was traveling South in a 2007 Chevy Impala owned by Beverly Kaminsky of Houlton. A moose entered the roadway and Michael’s vehicle struck the moose head on. 21-year old Taylor Graham of Houlton was a passenger in the car and suffered minor head injuries. Taylor was transported to Houlton Regional Hospital by the Patten Ambulance Service. 20-year old Devon Hanigan also of Houlton suffered serious head and internal injuries. Devon was transported to Houlton Regional Hospital by the Ashland Ambulance Service. All three occupants were in the front seat and wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash. The car was totaled and towed from the scene. The moose was killed in the crash.

Incident Type: OUI Date: 7/22/2018 Town: ST. AGATHA Trooper: TR. CURTIN Brief Synopsis: Tr. Curtin arrested a Fort Kent man for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol after he received a report of a vehicle that had left the roadway and caught on fire. Once Tr. Curtin arrived at the scene, he determined that the operator had fled the crash scene and returned to his home in Fort Kent. With the help of Fort Kent Police Department, the man was located and brought to the police department. He was arrested and charged with OUI, Failure to Report a Crash, and Leaving the Scene of a Crash.

Incident Type: ACCIDENT Date: 7/22/2018 Town: ST. AGATHA Trooper: TR. CURTIN Brief Synopsis: On 7/22/2018 at approximately 0512 hours, State Police received a report of a pickup truck off the road on Main Street in Saint Agatha. Tr. Matt Curtin responded and investigated the crash. The investigation showed 20-year-old Chance Gervais of Saint Agatha was traveling South in his 2012 Dodge pickup truck. Gervais fell asleep and left the roadway, colliding with a telephone pole and multiple trees before ultimately coming to rest in the wooded embankment. Wires from the telephone pole blocked the roadway, causing traffic to be redirected. Electricity to some homes in the area was temporarily lost. Gervais was transported to Northern Maine Medical Center in Fort Kent where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The pickup truck was a total loss, and was towed from the scene. Tr. Curtin was assisted by the Saint Agatha Fire Department and Madawaska Ambulance. EMERA Maine also responded to repair the telephone pole.

Incident Type: OUI Date: 7/22/2018 Town: NEW LIMERICK Trooper: TR. SYLVIA Brief Synopsis: Tr. Sylvia responded to a New Limerick residence at approximately 0630 in the morning when a man reported that there was a pick-up truck on his neighbor’s lawn with a man inside of it. Tr. Sylvia found the man passed out in the driver seat of the pick-up. After investigation, he was arrested, transported to jail, and charged with OUI.

Incident Type: ASSIST OTHER AGENCY Date: 7/22/2018 Town: MAPLETON Trooper: TR. LEVESQUE Brief Synopsis: Tr. Levesque was traveling on the Pulcifer Rd in Mapleton and observed a black BMW parked in plain view at a residence. Tr. Levesque was familiar with a File 1 out of PIPD for a black BMW. Tr. Levesque requested the VIN number for the vehicle and knocked on the door. No one would answer the door. Tr. Levesque ran the VIN number which matched the File 1. Tr. Levesque called for a wrecker to respond and remove the vehicle. While waiting for the wrecker the homeowner called in after hearing his name on the scanner. Tr. Levesque explained the reason for being at his residence and the man stated that he recently purchased the vehicle. The homeowner understood and was directed to PIPD.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.


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