Troop F of the Maine State Police responded to 120 calls for service over the past week in and around Aroostook County. Here is the Troop's weekly report:

Maine State Police/Facebook
Maine State Police/Facebook

Incident Type: ASSIST OTHER AGENCY Date: 2/28/2017 Town: Mars Hill Trooper: Tr. Levesque Brief Synopsis: Tr. Levesque assisted Presque Isle PD with locating and arresting a 21-year-old female for theft charges. Tr. Levesque located and arrested the woman in Mars Hill and transported her to the Presque Isle Police Department

Incident Type: Traffic Summons Date: 2/28/2017 Town: Saint Agatha Trooper: Tr. Desrosier Brief Synopsis: While investigating a suspicious complaint in a church parking lot in Saint Agatha, Tr. Desrosier found a 22-year-old male driving with an expired Maine driver’s license (June 2016). Tr. Desrosier issued the man a criminal summons for the violation.

Incident Type: ACCIDENT Date: 3/01/2017 Town: Cross Lake Trooper: Tr. Desrosier Brief Synopsis: Tr. Desrosier responded to a single vehicle accident in Cross Lake. The 29-year-old female driver was driving on the Ouellette Road when she drove over some black ice, lost control of the vehicle causing it to roll on its roof and come to rest on top of a snow bank. The driver and her passenger were not injured in the crash. PHOTO and MORE DETAILS HERE.

Incident Type: OAS Date: 3/01/2017 Town: Washburn Trooper: Tr. Desrosier Brief Synopsis: Tr. Levesque stopped a vehicle for an expired inspection certificate. During the stop he learned that her license was suspended and the 51-year-old woman had a warrant for her arrest for failing to appear in court on a theft charge. The woman was issued a traffic summons for the inspection, a criminal summons for OAS, and arrested and taken to the Aroostook County Jail for the warrant.

Incident Type: Criminal Threatening Date: 3/01/2017 Town: Mount Chase Trooper: Tr. Kilcollins Brief Synopsis: Tr. Kilcollins and Sgt. Clark responded to an address in Mount Chase. A 62-year-old called 911 reporting he is being detained by three men on property he owns and is serving an eviction notice and they have blocked his vehicle in so he cannot leave. Another man arrived and diffused the situation so the victim could leave. Sgt. Clark met him in Patten and learned that he went to the property to photograph some items that belong to him due to being afraid they will be stolen as the eviction unfolds. He was confronted by the renter’s boyfriend and there was an argument but nothing physical. The man refused to make a formal complaint regarding criminal threatening. Tr. Kilcollins and Sgt. Clark went to the property but there was no one there except the man that showed up and diffused the situation (he is the suspect’s father). No crime was committed during this incident.

Incident Type: WARRANT Date: 3/01/2017 Town: Caribou Trooper: Tr. Levesque Brief Synopsis: Tr. Levesque arrested a 42-year-old Presque Isle man on a warrant during a traffic stop in Caribou. The warrant was for unpaid fines. The man was cooperative during the arrest.

Incident Type: Criminal Traffic Summons Date: 3/02/2017 Town: Houlton Trooper: Tr. Kilcollins Brief Synopsis: Tr. Kilcollins responded to the Houlton Port of Entry for a woman crossing from Canada into the United States with a suspended driver’s license. Tr. Kilcollins learned that the 36-year-old woman has a California driver’s license that is currently suspended. Tr. Kilcollins issued the woman a criminal summons for operating without a license and arranged for her to take a taxi to the Houlton Truck Stop/Restaurant so she could make further travel arrangements.

Incident Type: THEFT Date: 3/02/2017 Town: Sherman Trooper: Cpl. Quint Brief Synopsis: Cpl. Quint is investigating a stolen vehicle in Sherman. The victim called reporting her vehicle had been taken without permission from a friend of her son’s that stayed the night. It was suspected that the woman drove the vehicle to Bangor. The vehicle has been entered into NCIC as stolen and the investigation is on-going.

Incident Type: OAS / Warrant Date: 3/02/2017 Town: Washburn Trooper: Tr. Levesque Brief Synopsis: Tr. Levesque stopped a vehicle for a traffic offense in Washburn. During the stop Tr. Levesque learned the 29-year-old male driver had a suspended driver’s license. Tr. Levesque issued the man a criminal summons for the violation.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

Incident Type: DISORDERLY CONDUCT Date: 3/04/2017 Town: Littleton Trooper: Tr. Sylvia Brief Synopsis: Tr.’s Sylvia and Casavant responded to a Littleton residence. A homeowner reported that an individual who had been visiting at the home had gotten into an altercation with the homeowner and was damaging property in the basement of the home. Troopers located the man in the residence and were able to diffuse the situation. The homeowner declined to press charges in the incident and the man was given a ride to his home.

Incident Type: OUI Date: 3/05/2017 Town: Fort Kent Trooper: Tr. Curtin Brief Synopsis: Tr. Curtin arrested a 43-year-old Fort Kent man for Operating Under the Influence. The subject was pulled over for poor operation of his vehicle. The subject was arrested and transported to Fort Kent Police Department. He was given a breath test and it was determined that his alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit

Incident Type: CRIMINAL MISCHIEF Date: 3/05/2017 Town: Mapleton Trooper: Tr. Casavant Brief Synopsis: Tr. Casavant responded to a Mapleton residence and took a report of a damaged window. A homeowner had recently moved back into a residence after it had been vacant for some time. It appeared that possibly a pellet gun was used to damage the window. The investigation is ongoing.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.


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