Here are a few of the incidents investigated by Troop F of the Maine State Police in the first half of July. Summaries are taken from the weekly police logs and may be minimally edited.

Thief Drains Gas from Vehicle in Patten by Drilling Hole in Fuel Tank

Sgt. Clark is investigating a complaint of criminal mischief and theft at a residence in Patten.  On Saturday, July 16th, the complainant reported someone used a drill to put a hole in the fuel tank of their vehicle and left a pot under it to collect the fuel. It is estimated that around 15 gallons of gas was stolen. This incident is still being investigated.


Trooper Helps Wrong-Way Driver on Interstate 95

On July 15th, Corporal Quint was driving north on I-95 in Clinton when he came across a vehicle stopped in the left lane facing south.  An investigation revealed the woman got on the interstate using the off-ramp, and immediately realized she was going the wrong way and stopped. With the assistance of ECS Ken Knightly, who was driving the IMAT suburban back to Troop E, the woman was turned around and exited the highway. There was no indication of impairment.


Officer Pulls Over Driver in Blaine who was Sentenced to House Arrest

On July 14, Trooper Desrosier was conducting traffic enforcement in Blaine and observed a vehicle not displaying an inspection certificate. The trooper conducted a traffic stop and after an investigation it was found the driver was supposed to be on 24-hour house arrest.  Trooper Desrosier contacted the woman’s probation officer and the PPO will deal with the issue.  Trooper Desrosier issued her a traffic summons for failing to display a valid inspection sticker.


Two Men Arrested in Frenchville Area after Fleeing Police and Crashing Vehicle

On Friday, July 15th, Trooper Desrosier was parked at a construction zone in Frenchville when a vehicle passed him.  He recognized both the driver and passenger and was aware they had revoked driver licenses.  Trooper Desrosier attempted to stop the vehicle but it fled at a high rate of speed in a residential area.  Trooper Desrosier terminated the pursuit but continued to check the area for the vehicle.  With the help of the Warden Service, Aroostook SO, Fort Kent PD, the vehicle and both men were located after they had crashed off of an ATV trail. Trooper Desrosier located three baggies of methamphetamine on or around the two men and their vehicle.  Both men were arrested.  The passenger was charged with unlawful furnishing of schedule W drug and violating his current bail conditions and had two active warrants for his arrest.  The driver was charged with eluding an officer, driving to endanger, unregistered motor vehicle over 150 days, criminal speed, violating bail conditions, and unlawful furnishing of schedule W drugs.


Two People Arrested at I-95 Checkpoint in Sherman for Possession of Meth

On July 15th, Trooper Cotton assisted US. Border Patrol at a check point they were conducting on I-95 in Sherman. One of their K-9’s alerted on a vehicle and the agents located a usable amount of suspected Crystal Methamphetamine and a glass smoking apparatus. As a result of his investigation, Trooper Cotton charged both occupants of the vehicle, a 29-year-old Houlton woman and a 36-year-old Fairfield man, with Possession of Schedule W Drugs.


Attended Death in Mapleton

On July 13th, Trooper Roy and Trooper Curtin responded to an apartment complex in Mapleton for a death investigation. A 78-year-old female tenant was discovered deceased inside her apartment. The female had a history of medical conditions, and her doctor agreed to sign off on the death certificate. Nothing suspicious was discovered.


Indian Island Woman Arrested on Outstanding Warrant in Oakfield

On July 13th, Trooper Cotton took a complaint of a suspicious female walking around Oakfield late at night. Trooper Cotton responded to the area and located the female, who he learned had an active arrest warrant for Failure to Appear on a Protection Order Violation charge. Trooper Cotton arrested the 20-year-old Indian Island woman and transported her to the Troop F barracks where she was able to post bail.


Wade Man Summonsed after Presque Isle Traffic Stop

On July 11th, Trooper Roy charged a 55-year-old Wade man with Operating Without a License. Trooper Roy was on a traffic stop in Presque Isle when he noticed the man drive past him. He was familiar with him though prior dealings and was aware he did not possess a valid driver’s license. Trooper Roy issued him a summons and provided him a Presque Isle District Court date in October.


Easton Woman Arrested During Traffic Stop in Presque Isle

On July 10th, Trooper Roy was conducting traffic enforcement in Presque Isle when he observed a vehicle speeding. Trooper Roy initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and learned the operator had an active arrest warrant out of Waterville District Court for a Theft charge. Trooper Roy arrested the 27-year-old Easton woman on the warrant. She was able to post bail and is due to appear in Waterville District Court in August.


Bangor Woman Gives Trooper ‘Unsworn Falsification’ at Stop in Stacyville

On June 29th, Trooper Cotton initiated a stop with a vehicle with falsely attached plates. The female operator was hesitant to identify herself but eventually provided a name and date of birth that was consistent with her physical description. Trooper Cotton warned the female about giving him a false name. The female was charged for the improper plates. Trooper Cotton conducted follow up and interviews with local citizens in the Sherman and Stacyville area and was able to determine that the female had provided him a false name. This woman was from the Bangor area and had active bail conditions. Trooper Cotton located the woman on July 15th in Stacyville (see below) and was able to interview and properly identify her. The 28-year-old Bangor woman was charged with unsworn falsification, Violation of Conditional Release, and Improper Plates.


Bangor Woman Charged After Taking Vehicle from Stacyville Wrecker Service

On July 15th, Hayes Towing out of Stacyville called police to report a vehicle they had towed had been taken in the night without receiving payment or notification. Trooper Cotton developed a suspect - the same woman who had given him a false name from a few weeks prior on a separate case. After speaking with numerous witnesses in the area and receiving intel on the female’s whereabouts, Trooper Cotton located her in Stacyville. The vehicle that had been taken was hidden in her back yard. After an interview with the female suspect and her acquaintance, the 28-year-old Bangor woman was charged with Theft of Services and Violation of Conditional Release.


Man Summonsed for Operating after Suspension in Island Falls

On July 8th, Trooper Castonguay was conducting traffic enforcement in Island Falls when he observed a vehicle with an expired inspection certificate.  After stopping the vehicle and conducting an investigation, the driver was found to be operating after license suspension due to not paying child support.  The man was issued a criminal summons for OAS and a warning for the inspection violation.  The driver arranged to have a licensed driver come get him and his vehicle.


Two Mass. Residents Charged with Drug Possession at Houlton Border Crossing

On July 5th, Trooper Merchant responded to the Houlton Port of Entry for two people who crossed the border in possession of drugs. The operator, a 30-year-old male from Massachusetts was processed and charged with OUI Drugs and the passenger, 40-year-old female from Massachusetts, was charged with possession of Scheduled Drugs. They were in possession of MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly) and Psylocibin (mushrooms).

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Troop F is responsible for Maine State Police coverage for all of Aroostook County and the northern parts of Penobscot, Piscataquis and Somerset Counties. The Commanding Officer is Lt. Brian L. Harris.

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