Independence Day is here! Do you know how much history from the Revolutionary War is within current day Maine? I say current day, because as you may know, Maine did not become a state until 1820. The war for America's independence ended in 1783 with The Treaty of Paris. Nonetheless, the history in Maine during this time period is fascinating.

America Suffered Her Worst Naval Defeat in Maine Until Pearl Harbor

And you stand exactly where it happened and get a tour in beautiful Castine!

Castine Sign
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

Fort George was built by Great Britain in 1779. The Patriots, outnumbering the British, wanted to overtake the fort and access to the Penobscot River, but lost this battle called the Penobscot Expedition. Even Paul Revere's reputation (yes, THAT Paul Revere) was tarnished as a consequence of this defeat, and he was arrested for being cowardice ... yikes.

Fort George, ME
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

Although the battle at Fort George did not end in our forefather's favor, this serves as a great reminder that it isn't who wins the battle, but the war. Castine is a beautiful area to visit especially on our nation's birthday with it being rich in history that helped make America what it is today. Read more on the Penobscot Expedition here before you visit! 

The First American Naval Battle Occurred in Maine

Machias, Maine
Google Maps

The Battle of Machias, also known as Battle of the Margaretta, broke out on June 11th, 1775. It was the first naval engagement during the Revolutionary War. THE FIRST! The CliffsNotes version is that some aggressive British soldiers sailed into Machias Bay and wanted future Mainers to sign a document proving their loyalty. They rebelled, fought off the British with pitchforks, axes, and hunting rifles melting down anything for ammunition, and took over the British ship, the Margaretta!

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If you decide to visit Machias, definitely checkout Burnham Tavern Museum which features artifacts and further information on the Battle of Machias.

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