Northern Main has all kinds of sugar houses to visit today on the 35th anniversary of Maine Maple Sunday.

Use this interactive map to find the best spot. How do your family and friends enjoy this great Maine tradition? Where do you go in Aroostook County?

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Maine Maple Producers have a lot of information about processing the product. Learn all about maple syrup - watch how it’s made, taste some of the delicious syrup and maple goodies, understand the history, and take some home.

We usually think of syrup on pancakes, but there’s so much more like maple BBQ sauce, cream cheese, coleslaw and many more things to make.

Some of the health benefits are antioxidants, fights inflammation, good alternative to sugar and more good things.

Celebrate Maine and maple syrup today and all year long. Share this article with people you know who love it!

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