When we think of sin states or "Sin-Cities", we tend to think of places like Las Vegas, Nevada, which has been branded as such. But each state has it's own 'skeleton in the closet' if you will.

For example, Nevada is known as the gambling capital of America, but Vermont is not without its own 'sin.' According to some studies, Vermont has the worst drug problem in America, outside of Washington D.C.

So, where does the Pine Tree State fit into the picture in all of this?

Actually, Maine ranks quite low as being in the top 5 states with the least 'sin' problem.

Hate & Anger Crimes

Violent Crimes per capita, Sex Crimes per capita, Bullying Rate, Hate Crimes per capita, and Share of Maltreated Adults and Children.

Crimes Relating To Jealousy

Theft per capita, Identity Theft Complaints per capita, and Fraud & Other Complaints per capita.

Excess & Vices

The share of Obese Adults, Fast Food Establishments per capita, Excessive Drinking, Share of Adult Smokers and Coffee Drinkers.

As you can see, there were a lot of ways they measured their outcomes concerning the worst and least Sin States in the Union. There were more, but we're not going to list all the ways they measured each state here.

Here are the 5 Least Sin States in America

  1. Vermont
  2. North Dakota
  3. Maine
  4. Utah
  5. Iowa

Here are the 5 Top Sin States in America

  1. Florida
  2. California
  3. Nevada
  4. Texas
  5. Georgia

Looks like they have verified what many of us already know and that is Maine is a wonderful place to live. So many diverse things to do and places to go. But what makes it really fantastic are our people.

Thanks to all of you who live in Maine, who treat others as you'd like to be treated and for making this state a wonderful place to live in.









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