We enjoy highlighting great achievements from those who are from the County. Russell Currier, a native of Stockholm, Maine, has landed in PyeongChang and is getting ready for his performance at the 2018 Winter Olympics!

Russell Currier

As of the status of Russell Currier, who is a Biathlon athlete, meaning he competes in at least two events or more, from a post from his blog dated Feb. 19, here is what he wrote:

"There is no confirmed race start for me that I know of. At the earliest, I would know the night before the next race. At the latest, it could be an hour before the race start. That's the deal with being the fifth man in a four-person start deal. I'm still happy to be here and have been preparing every day as if I were going to race. Yesterday had me doing a time trial. It was very windy and snowing. More than anything it just felt lonely. The XC classic sprints were taking place a few meters over. I could see the heats rolling out as I was warming up. Leaving the starting gate and sprinting to the finish at the Olympic stadium with no one but my coach and heart rate monitor to witness was a surreal feeling."

Russell Currier

Currier also added,

"It should also be mentioned that the biathlon field is on their own time zone structure. Biathlon isn't a sport to scoff at in Europe and the Euro prime time tv ratings don't give into the local time zone. The end result being that the races all start in the late evening. The women race their 15km individual tonight with the first stater going out at 8:05 pm. Personally, I've been calling 2:30 am an early bedtime. If I close the shades I can sleep into 11. Training in the mid-afternoon is logged as a morning session in the training log. I can't speak for others, but I kind of enjoy it. It adds to the whole different atmosphere."

Russell Currier

He's encouraging all of us to tune-in to the Olympics on NBC. You can see the handy and user-friendly schedule of the events here.

It should be noted that Currier did compete in the 2014 Olympics.

You can keep up with Russell and even contact him on his blog here and help to wish him the best as he represents the U.S.A. and the County as well, at this year's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

According to his statistics at nbcolympics.com, Currier resides in Lake Placid, NY.