Maine residents made 6,007 calls to the Maine Bureau of Insurance last year and filed 790 complaints related to a wide range of insurance-related issues.

Maine Insurance Superintendent Eric Cioppa says investigations into some of those complaints resulted in $969,769 in recovered funds.

Cioppa says the Bureau’s job of regulating the insurance industry in Maine is multi-faceted, but it's crucial consumers’ claims are appropriately processed and paid in a timely way.

State of Maine
State of Maine

The Property and Casualty Division includes auto, homeowners and other types of property and liability insurance. It handled 2,794 inquiries and 254 written complaints.

The Consumer Health Care Division, which includes health, life, long-term care, Medicare supplement, annuities and disability insurance, received 3,213 inquiries and 636 written complaints.

Cioppa says consumers with questions about insurance matters can obtain information and assistance from the Bureau by visiting the agency’s website, calling toll-free 1-800-300-5000, or e-mailing


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