The Loring Development Authority is being sued by a former employee from Georgia, as she claims she suffers health implications because of contaminated water.

Angela Jackson, a former employee of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service in Limestone, Maine filed a lawsuit today in Bangor.

According to the lawsuit, Jackson began working for DFAS in the Loring Commerce Centre in 1997, which was home to Loring Air Force Base.

Jackson claims that she used to use the water, which was treated by the Loring Development Authority, in her coffee on a regular basis. Sometime around 2004-05, she began feeling ill.

The lawsuit states that Jackson never got better and in 2011, she began experiencing hair loss, memory lapses, neurological problems, sleep and appetite disturbances.

She did receive medical treatment for the symptoms but was never diagnosed with the problems. Jackson claims that co-workers began complaining about health issues also and she believes there were health issues with the building they worked in.

Jackson is asking the court to reimburse her for wage loss, attorney fees, and other damages.

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