Jesse McCartney took an epic spill during a recent concert and the whole ordeal was caught on camera.

Earlier this week a fan posted a video of the "Beautiful Soul" singer in concert. He was running off stage when he tripped and fell, seemingly twisting his ankle. The social media user wrote, "Praying for Jesse McCartney." The clip received over 5 million views and over 300,000 favorites. McCartney has been on tour traveling to outdoor festivals and events recently now that live music has returned.

McCartney addressed the video in his own TikTok.

“Alright, I’m glad everyone got a really good laugh. My ankle is fine, by the way. Thanks for asking," he said in a clip.

'I've been reading some of these," he continued while sharing a screenshot of the comments section which featured some hilarious responses.

“That was not a smooth exit at all,” one follower wrote, to which he responded, “Yeah, no sh--.”

"TikTok knows how exactly to make me laugh," he added."This is the kind of thing I love TikTok for because you get to read the comments section, but when it’s you in the video, it hits different."

Another fan questioned why he was sweating profusely. McCartney clarified that he was performing at an outdoor venue and it was 95 degrees.

"Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that internet, I'm fine," he assured, before revealing that he actually did sprain his ankle and it is still bruised but he is "good to go."

McCartney also favorited and responded to more of the responses to the video like "he's a runner he's a track star."

Watch the video and read the creative comments, below.

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