You've used up precious vacation time and any disposable income to attend weddings this summer. And if you are in the wedding party you may have been forced to take out a second mortgage on your home.A poll done by Harris Interactive reveals how Americans feel about weddings.

  • DRAMA keeps 6% of potential guests away! 1% don't go because they are afraid of running into an ex.
  • 3% of people have skipped a wedding because they don't approve of who their friend or family member is marrying.
  • A whopping 88% think that destination weddings are just rude because they put such a financial burden on guests. And again, there goes your vacation time!
  • 71% of people think that if it's not your first wedding you should tone down your expectations and make it more subdued than your first.
  • Folks are split about the bride wearing white. Only 55% say the bride should wear white since purity isn't all that common anymore.
  • 16% feel that "giving the bride away" is outdated and no longer appropriate.

Have you ever skipped a wedding for fear of drama? Have you witnessed some?! Tell us your story on our Facebook Fan Page.

My destination wedding was on Fore Street.



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