People who are not from Maine, don't always understand the way Mainer's talk or what their words and phrases mean because it's a Maine-thing!

If you don't use these words and phrases, no doubt, there are people or family members you know who do. How often do you use these terms or do you use them at all?

If you're from Maine, then you're sure to understand.

  1. "Downcellah" - Most people might just call it the basement, but folks, and especially those in the older generation, refer to space under their house as "downcellah."
  2. "Cunnin" - The term in Maine means adorable or cute. Like your girlfriend, "She's a cunnin' little thing."
  3. "Door Yahd" - In other parts of the country it's called a driveway, but in Maine, it's a door yahd! (Dooryard without the accent).
  4. "Yut" - Some think it's spelled Ayah, but its meaning is the same as "yep" or simply, 'Yes.'
  5. "Willy-Wacks" - Folks in other parts of the country may say out in the boondocks or out in bo-diddly Hong Kong, but in Maine, it's out in the Willy-Wacks. It basically means out in the middle of nowhere!
  6. "Beans" - I know, it's what you eat with cornbread, right? Not in Maine. "Beans" refers to items or boots you bought from L.L.Bean. So if someone asks if you're going to wear your 'Beans', now you know they're not talking about wearing northern beans on your shirt or something.
  7. "Flatlandah" - This is the northeastern way of calling someone a 'city slicker.' Someone from say, Portland, who's never been to the 'willy wacks.'
  8. "Stove-Up" - If you messed up your truck and have to take it in for repairs. The next time to smack something with your car or truck, just know you have officially 'stoved-up' your cah!
  9. "From Away" - If you ain't from Maine, then you are from 'away.' Away from Maine.

What are some of the terms you or your family and friends have used? Maybe you heard someone use a phrase and you have no idea what in the world they were saying, then you can share it with us in the comments section below.

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