It wasn't the car they were driving or the song they were playing on the radio, but it was the snowy, icy roads in Maine that ultimately caused the new chapter in their life.

It's winter. There are drivers. There are dummies who don't really care to drive safely on our highways, byways and town streets. There are accidents on the roadways every year. Some of them fatal.

Therefore, one must educate the masses on what to do and, in many cases, what not to do, when operating any motor vehicle along the icy streets of northern Maine.

That is what this article is all about!

Here's how you can try and survive the jungle and drivers, whose driving habits in icy conditions, might make you wonder if they ever took a driver safety class in their life.

It's all about survival, folks!

Here are ways that you can make it home every night...safely.

  1. SLOW DOWN, MAD MAX! - I hate to break this to you, but you're not Max Rockatansky and the Maine street you're driving down is not Fury Road. So, slow it down! If you think you're going too fast, then you probably are. Ensure that you are maintaining a safe speed at all times. If you're driving dangerously fast, then there had better be some cameramen shooting because you're probably filming a race scene on a set in California somewhere.
  2. GET OFF MY BUTT! We don't need your vehicle all up in our vehicles fourth point of contact (Military for rear end). Thank-you!
  3. BE PATIENT - As you're getting frustrated because, after all, the roads haven't been plowed, the temperature has lowered and there is freezing ice on the roadway and the guy in front of you is driving slower than usual, but you need to get milk at the local grocery store so Sissy can have cereal in the morning, ask yourself, "Would Mr. Rogers behave this way?". I think we both know the answer to that one if we're honest.
  4. KNOW YOUR AUTOMOBILE - Just like people, cars and trucks have quirks and idiosyncrasies that the driver should be aware of. It's best to pay attention to these quirks when the weather is good, so when the snow flies you'll be prepared and not allow them to blindside you and wreck.
  5. IF YOU DO WRECK - Pull over to the side of the road, as best you can. Put on your blinker lights, safety triangles and pop a flare or two so people can see you. Don't stand to close to the flare. Breathing that stuff in is killer.

So, there you have it. We've shared some commonsense tips, or maybe some not-so-commonsense tips to think about when the snow flies.

Have a safe and happy winter season and be careful out there. It's crazy!

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