There’s nothing like Thanksgiving leftovers. With so much food, there are many ways to eat everything. You got the sandwich, smothered sandwich, chili, soup, Chinese food, and the traditional fixings.

How do you do your leftovers?

  • Do you separate your food and don’t want things to touch? If not...
  • What’s the strangest combo but tastes great?
  • What other things do you add to your sandwich? Lettuce? Condiments?
  • Who makes the best leftovers? Mom? You?

If it wasn’t Thanksgiving, we would never put stuffing, squash or mashed potatoes on our sandwich (maybe).

Our list of leftovers highlights some of the best and most popular ways to do it. Share your unique recipes on our Facebook.

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    The Loaded Sandwich

    Stack It High

    Take everything and pile it high with two pieces of bread, and you’ve got a feast. Question: Who makes the best one in your household? You? Mom? Let us now and share a picture.

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    The Smothered Sandwich

    Gravy & More Gravy

    Is it a sandwich if you can’t pick it up off the plate? It doesn’t matter. What’s important is getting the gravy all over for some real good sopping.

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    Chili, Soup & Stew

    Nice & Hot

    It truly blows you away how much food there is. There’s more than enough to make a big pot of warm chili, soup or stew. Stuffing makes a great topping with crumbled crackers.

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    Yes & Yes

    Remember in school when you learned dessert was spelled with two “r’s” because you want seconds. That still applies today. It’s more realistic to say you have multiple plates of pie with ice cream, whipped cream (or both). Favorites?

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    Chinese Food

    Something New

    Turkey fried rice is something you have to try. Get creative and add some fixings like stuffing, cranberries, squash, or you choice, in the dish.