If you are a licensed driver, it doesn't matter where you live you can always find something about the local roads that irritate you. The most common complaints around here are usually when a road is a giant pothole, or that the heavy equipment has rutted the roadway. Many in the Presque Isle area have struggled with the famous intersection with what seems to be countless directions to go through it.

This intersection is used by many people coming and going from several directions in the central part of Aroostook County. You'll see commuters coming into Presque Isle from the Mapleton, Ashland, Washburn, and Caribou areas. Each morning I meet a fair share of people from Presque Isle commuting out of the Star-City to other parts of the County.  

Quite frankly I am surprised that there are not more fender benders at this intersection. This is a very busy area with the splash pad nearby, a grocery store, a bank, a lawn mower dealer, and an office supply store all sitting at or near the intersection. It doesn't matter the time of day you land at the intersection I can guarantee you will have plenty of other drivers around for you to follow through if you have a hard time navigating the intersection. 

The Confusing Presque Isle Intersection

Is there an intersection in your town or city that is super confusing to you and other drivers? Be sure to let us know your experiences at some tough intersections.

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