According to one survey, about one-quarter of American retail workers said their Christmas spirit is dead because they listen to Christmas songs all day long.

Instead of 'Jingle Bells', some say 'Jingle Hell.'

Ola Sars, founder of Soundtrack Your Brand, conducted a study on this and said that feeling less festive is a specific mental reaction to listening to Christmas music and rebelling against it, whereas the data showing it can have a negative effect on a workers wellbeing must be treated with more caution.

He also made the observation and stated that retail is highly stressful this time of year anyway and how it's important that employers consider whether or not a stores soundtrack is actually increasing stress among its staff or not.

However, a bit over half of Christmas shoppers in America said they adore the festive soundtracks while shopping, but 23-percent said they prefer not to hear it before December 1.

What about you? Are you tired of hearing Christmas music in stores or does it put you in more of a festive mood to spend? If you're in retail, does the constant Christmas music at work drive you nuts?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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