Is The Legendary Miss Britney Spears going on Hiatusney?

Someday — sooner rather than later, it seems — we will understand.

As of right now, the "If I'm Dancing" Glory pop icon is scheduled to go abroad this summer for a string of concerts in Israel, Japan and the Philippines in between her Piece Of Me Las Vegas residency.

But according to a new report, she might have even more time for traveling (and/or posting videos from the gym showing off her hot bodeh) come next year.

"Britney Spears may take an extended break after her current Planet Hollywood contract closes on Dec. 31, her manager Larry Rudolph said Tuesday," the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported late last night (Apr. 4).

"Such a pause could pave the way for a possible relaunch (and even re-titling) of her Piece of Me production. Spears opened the show in December 2013. Next year marks the 20th anniversary of her mega-hit 'Baby One More Time,' which could serve as a handy theme for a revamp."

B-Girl's been putting in work (bitch) at the Axis Theater for nearly four years now: to say that she deserves a break from the long-running, hugely successful $100 million+ revenue generating gig is an understatement.

If Piece Of Me is to stretch on past 2017, the show, which was retooled in early 2016 with a Remixed, Reimagined and Still Iconic twist, could use a major shake-up: new set design, costumes, choreography and, most importantly, a revamped set list — or, at the very least, some new remixed versions of the classics. (For fans, as much as we love the Princess of Pop™, there are only so many times one can still get excited about the fierce "Toxic" hair-whipping floorography four years later.)

Alternatively, a newly freed up schedule next year could make room for even more international shows, which would no doubt be a treat for fans overseas who cannot afford to make the pilgrimage to the Las Vegas strip.

Of course, there'd also be more time to do other things that fans would appreciate, like recording a new album, dropping a third Glory single (dream big!), repackaging an updated greatest hits collection or plotting an actual, non-Piece Of Me-related world tour.

But before anything else happens professionally, a little space to breathe (on me) next year would undoubtedly be good for Britney after performing Piece Of Me over the past few years. There'd be plenty of free time to Instagram all those dainty teacups and flowers, play with her kids, vacation in Hawaii and chill with her irresponsibly attractive boyfriend. Lord knows, she deserves it.

Where B will be by 2018? As any Britney fan should know, we'll just have to wait and see.

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