Word has it that Maine experienced some strong winds and rain on Monday. Is that accurate?

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Monday brought historic levels of precipitation and gusty winds to our Pine Tree State, leading to power outages for hundreds of thousands of residents.

Jordan Verge / Townsquare Media
Jordan Verge / Townsquare Media

It’s instances like this that make us appreciate local news stations. This type of local news coverage is precisely why we value staying informed about happenings in our community. WGME CBS 13 in Portland, covering southern Maine, delivered comprehensive storm updates.

During the storm's early stages on Monday morning, WGME reporter Johnny Maffei went live on Facebook from Old Orchard Beach, one of Maine's top tourist spots.

To start things off, while humorously showcasing Jeep's new 'automatic shutting doors' feature, Maffei stepped out of the WGME Weather Authority Jeep, only for the wind to take control.

The video captured the coastal scene, with sand relentlessly pelting both Maffei and his cameraman, Nate. Maffei pointed out how the sand, driven off the beach, was accumulating in the parking area, emphasizing, "That sand was not there earlier this morning. It keeps whipping, and whipping, and whipping.”

The video concluded as Maffei, feeling the painful impact of the wind and sand, decided to end the broadcast—a decision that seemed completely justified.

Meteorologist and Reporter Ryan Munn from WGME also shared a video on social media, featuring storm waves at the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth from Monday afternoon.

As the cleanup efforts continue, exercising caution while traveling in our Pine Tree State is strongly advised.

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