The Board and Staff of Ignite Presque Isle are excited to share that on May 17, 2021, the 137th day of operation, they acquired The Northeastland Hotel.

The Northeastland will continue its operations as a hotel while Ignite PI establishes a co-workspace and a detailed plan for renovations including new food and beverage opportunities.  All staff are staying with the hotel which will continue to be managed by Robin Doody under the leadership of Jan Lucas and Clint Deschene. 

Through fundraising efforts Ignite PI was able to raise all the necessary funds for the acquisition of this property including over $280,000 in individual donations and pledges, also the support of the Rodney and Mary Barton Smith Family Foundation for closing.  RE/MAX County of Presque Isle led the donations as the introductory sponsor!  “It has been such a pleasure to work with Ignite PI and the Hedrich Family to complete this transaction.  It is efforts like this that will truly spark Presque Isle for a better future.” said Jane Towle.  

Effective immediately, Ignite PI plans to schedule events.  They are working with a construction management consultant to begin renovation plans.  The City of Presque Isle has partnered with them for a Community Development Block Grant to assist in the purchase of new equipment and furniture for The Northeastland and new co-workspace.  City Manager Martin Puckett stated, “Collaborating with Ignite PI and the Northern Maine Development Commission is exciting to pursue funds that can continue to revitalize our downtown.  We are keeping a positive outlook and are hopeful to receive a notice of award in June of this year.” 

Thanks to the Northern Maine Development Commission, especially Executive Director, Robert Clark for the support through their commitment to fiscal sponsorship while Ignite PI established themselves as a nonprofit organization.  Since inception NMDC has provided endless office support and guidance.   

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The Ignite PI leadership from board to staff share their excitement for the project and its impact on the City. Planning for the opening of the co-workspace is underway and a grand opening is expected in the next few months. Community members are welcomed to reach or visit Ignite PI.  If you are interested to learn more or make a donation please visit the Ignite Presque Isle website at or email 

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