It was mid-October last year when Husson University's Wildey Communications Center flooded. Waters came up through the ground floor after a water main break occurred, and caused damage to the floors and walls.

While NESCOM students and instructors who had classes on the second floor were still able to make use of that space through a side entrance, folks who typically attended classes or had offices on the first floor had to temporarily relocate classes so work could be done to clean up and repair what had been wrecked by the water.

New England School Of Communications 6, Cori Skall
New England School Of Communications 6, Cori Skall

Husson announced today that most of the repairs have been completed, except for installing carpet and some finishing aesthetic work. The building reopened today, and students and staff were given the green light to resume classes at the facility on this, the first day of the Spring semester.

“We are so grateful for the staff and contractors who have worked tirelessly to repair the Wildey Communications Center building so students can resume classes and other activities there,” said Lynne Coy-Ogan, senior vice president for academic affairs and provost.

New England School Of Communications 7, Cori Skall
New England School Of Communications 7, Cori Skall

“Our focus throughout has been the continuity of education in a safe and healthy environment and we’re thrilled to have our New England School of Communications students back in the labs and other spaces they consider their home at school.”

The rest of the work is expected to be done by the summer of this year.


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