Things were a bit…explosive…the last time we saw Frank Grillo’s Crossbones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but as even the most casual movie and TV genre fan can tell you, a character is never really dead until you’ve seen the body (and even then…) — all of which is to say that there was still a possibility that we’d see Grillo pop up in the MCU again. According to Grillo, he’s officially done with Crossbones, and he might also be bowing out from his other major franchise, too.

In a recent chat with Collider, Grillo says that The Purge franchise might continue without him, despite the success of Election Year:

It is what it is, but it’s great. It’s fun. After Anarchy, Universal called me and said, ‘You’ve got a franchise. We’re gonna continue with this, if you wanna do this.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, this is great!’ And so, when Election Year was even more successful, they were like, ‘Let’s keep doing this!’ I was like, ‘Maybe. I think I might be done, but you should keep doing it!’ But, I love it! [James] DeMonaco, who wrote and directed all of them, reminds me a lot of (Kingdom creator/showrunner) Byron [Balasco], in the sense that he so understands the world he’s created that you just follow him. For an actor, that’s fun.

Last we heard, franchise writer and director James DeMonaco is developing an anthology TV series that will explore the background motivations of the people who participate in the fictional annual Purge night — not entirely unlike what he did with Grillo’s character in the second film, Anarchy.

Grillo goes on to say that he’s open to returning for another Purge movie (as long as DeMonaco is involved), but what about the MCU?

If DeMonaco was still involved and they came up with a great idea, then I think I would do [another Purge movie]. Otherwise, I think I’m done. Same thing with Captain America. There’s nowhere for it to go, unless you’re Captain America or Iron Man. They were talking about it, but I was like, ‘You know what? I’d just rather not do it.’ I’m so appreciative and grateful to have been a part of something that big. I’m appreciative of The Purge. It’s become a part of the lexicon and the zeitgeist knows what it is, so that’s been fun. But, it’s time to move on. Don’t stay at the party too long, or you get knocked through the ropes.


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