Children can be a real inspiration especially when they raise money to help people they don't even know. One Fort Kent boy has done just that.

It all started with a trip to Portland, Maine when 7-year old Taydem Daigle noticed a homeless girl sitting on the street.

His grandfather gave his piece of pizza to the girl and then they left.

Taydem had $20 in his pocket and convinced his mother and grandfather to go back so that he could give it to the girl, but she was gone.

This prompted Taydem to want to do something special for homeless people, so he decided to raise a bunch of money to donate to them.

After they returned home, he said he told his mother,

"Mom, I want to raise money for the homeless shelter."

He decided on the Homeless Services of Aroostook in Presque Isle.

The reason he chose the shelter in Presque Isle was that "it was closer to home."

With the help of his mother and family, Taydem went to work raising money by telling his friends and family about his new mission. He also had his mom put a donation can at the gym she works out at as they utilized Facebook as well.

"We went on Mama's Facebook and we got about $70 from that and then at school days (with the help of his school teachers), they gave me money."

For his birthday, he encouraged friends, neighbor's and family to give to the cause instead of giving to him. He would also ask for people's spare change to help him reach his goal.

If you think it took Taydem a few months or more to raise the $1000, you might want to think again.

According to Taydem, it only took a few weeks for him to reach the amount that he eventually donated to the Homeless Shelter of Aroostook.

When asked if he was going to end his journey there, he said,

"I think I'm gong to continue to raise money."

So, where will the proceeds of Taydem's next project land?

According to Taydem, the homeless shelter in Portland, Maine is where he hopes his next project's offerings will find a home.

His mom added that he really learned a lot from raising money and giving it to the homeless shelter.

We might add, that this is one of the most unselfish giving a person can give. Giving to those whom you don't even know.

May we all take a lesson from the little boy, from Fort Kent, Taydem Daigle.




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