A 54-year-old former Sergeant with the Washburn Police Department was arrested for falsifying reports in a missing persons case.

Former Washburn Sergeant Faces Multiple Charges

Chandler Cole is facing several charges including aggravated forgery and tampering with public records, falsifying physical evidence and unsworn falsification, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Northern Maine Man Missing since February 2024

Cole’s arrest relates to a missing persons case involving Eric Foote who was last seen in February 2024 near Freshies in Presque Isle. Foote remains missing as of April 2024.

Officer was Last Person to see Missing man

Cole was with Washburn PD at the time and was actively working the case. He was the last person to see Foote, said WGME.

Discrepancies in Police Report

Discrepancies in reports on the case by Cole led to the investigation and the hiring of a private investigator, Darrell Crandall of Florida-based Edgewater Reliance. Crandall was the former Sheriff of Aroostook County and Commander of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Former Sergeant Did not Cooperate with Investigation

Cole was uncooperative with the investigation against him, said Washburn Police Chief Cyr Martin.

Officer said he Dropped Missing Man at Hospital

Court records said Cole told Foote’s father he had dropped him off at Northern Light A.R. Gould Hospital in Presque Isle and not Freshies.

Allegedly Altered Police Reports

Cole is alleged to have altered police reports saying he brought Foote to the hospital.

Bail and Court

Cole was out on bail Wednesday and has a court appearance scheduled in Presque Isle on May 8.

Contact Sheriff’s Office with Information

Contact the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office at 1-800-432-7842 if you have any information related to the case.

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