Officials are investigating a house fire Saturday afternoon at a residence on Crescent Lake and Rosewood Drive in Raymond.

House Fire in Maine

The fire started around 3 pm and neighbors called 911. No one was home at the time and no injuries were reported.

Family was Away during Fire

The family who owned the house were on their way home from Arizona when they were informed of the fire, said WGME News.

Water Access was an Issue

Water sources were an issue, said Raymond Fire & Rescue. "The fire was located is rural with no town water and a request was sent for three additional tankers to respond with the first alarm assignment."

First Floor Collapse

The first floor of the house had a partial collapse and fire crews were able to “knock down a lot of the fire,” said Chief Bruce Tupper.

Firefighters Evacuated

Another team of firefighters searched the “uninvolved” parts of the home. “The search crew on the second floor was quickly evacuated as a sudden failure of the oil tank occurred fueling rapid fire growth," said Chief Tupper.

Fire Chief said Electrical Event May have Caused Fire

Chief Tupper said he believed an electrical event may be the cause of the fire, according to WGME.

Fire Marshal Investigation

The fire is under investigation by the Maine Fire Marshal’s Office.

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