A fire at a home along the Canada-U.S. border just north of Bloomfield, N.B. has temporarily displaced two people.

The Lakeville Fire Department responded to the home late Saturday morning on Graham Road at Digby Corner.

Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire and there was minimal damage mostly confined to the chimney area and the attic. Power to the house had to be disconnected for safety reasons, according to Dan Bedell of the Canadian Red Cross.

The two adults are staying with relatives in the area for the time being, Bedell said. There were no injuries.

Red Cross volunteers from Woodstock have helped with emergency purchases like clothing while the homeowners await a damage appraisal and additional support through insurance.

CORRECTION:  The orginal information we received indicated the fire was late Friday night.  In fact, the Lakeville Fire Department was called to the dwelling for a chimney fire at 11:23 Saturday morning.

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