I remember being a freshman or sophomore in high school and walking down the hall to get to my locker. Mrs. B's french class was just letting out and all the girls were swooning. I wondered what all the excitement was about. Turns out the class had just been introduced to the music of Roch Voisine.

Of course, this was 1989 so Roch was virtually a kid himself. For the rest of the school year that's all the girls talked about was Roch Voisine. They had posters inside their lockers, you know, the whole bit. I didn't hear much about him after that, but an illustrious career had taken shape for him. Now it's 2014 and we are about to be part of one of the biggest cultural celebrations ever with the World Acadien Congress. Guess who sings on the event's theme song? Yup, Roch Voisine with Natasha St-Pier. Don't forget to check out all the festivities through the entire month of August. This post is for all the girls in Mrs.B's french class, enjoy.

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